Scrapy pipeline not showing errors but not inserting items in mysql (on local works)

March 10, 2017 706 views
MySQL Python Ubuntu

I have a scrapy spider that is working correctly on local, but on the server is not adding the items to the database, it doesn't show any error and all the modules are imported correctly, for the connection to mysql i use twisted adbapi. I checked over and over again the credentials of mysql, but the problem persist, i also changed the bind-address in mysql conf and restarted mysql, but with no luck, I really don't know what can be the problem. Please help. Thanks.

  • @ashram78
    Have a look in your log files or MySQL - in /var/log/mysql (usually)
    Otherwise, can you enable debug logging in the "scrapy spider", which might tell you where things go wrong?

  • i solved by adding a debug to the query, mysql was translating warnings in errors. thanks

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