Second Contact E-mail Address

April 3, 2018 489 views

What's the best way to have a second Contact E-mail Address?

I tried adding two e-mail addresses in the contact form, but that did not work.

I set up a team thinking that might work well, but canceled that idea when I saw that it required setting up a second account.

Wayne Sallee

2 Answers

Our system only supports a single email address per user which is used as your login. If you convert your account to a team account you can invite other users to join the account. This will allow you to have multiple people using different email addresses log in to your account.

by Brennen Bearnes
Teams are now available from DigitalOcean! This feature enables you to invite multiple users to access and manage your resources, such as Droplets, without having to share your own login credentials or billing information with them. Teams are recommended for project leaders and business owners who want to share control of server infrastructure with trusted collaborators, such as developers and system administrators.

I don't need multiple people. I just want to have two e-mail addresses connected to the account. So that I get notifications to both e-mail addresses.

I could put my other e-mail address on the team to accomplish my goal. But creating multiple accounts is against toss without first getting permission to create a second account.

I suppose I could get permission for the second account, and then add my second e-mail address to the team.

Wayne Sallee

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