send mail from wordpress phpmail (Sendmail / postfix?)

October 13, 2014 3.7k views

How can I setup phpmail to send email from different wordpress sites hosted on the same VPS?
I need them to send emails only to certain email addresses ie from a contact form. I would rather not use a smtp server if that is possible?

2 Answers

Yes, you can install postfix on your droplet which would allow you to send email without having to use an external SMTP server:

sudo apt-get install postfix

Thankyou for your response. Yes i believed this was the case. Are there any good guides around on how to do this?

  • Sorry to be replying to such an old thread, but did you ever figure this out? I have a couple of websites on my VPS and I'm trying to work out how to get the contact forms to work?

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