send mail is not going to outlook mail

June 25, 2016 1.8k views
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in my website, i have to send mail to other mailers where sent mail is going to gmail and yahoo. but it is not received by outlook mail. in other words, when i send mail to yahoo or gmail then it is received successfully but when i send mail to outlook then message on screen in my website shows that it is sent successfully but it is not received by outlook. i have checked junk and spam folders in outlook but mail is not received. please help me. i am using php coding and lamp server.

1 Answer

You may need to set up SPF records which indicate your droplet is allowed to send email for your domain.

In general, if possible I recommend using a 3rd party SMTP service for small things like this rather than running a mail relay of your own. It is usually much less of a headache. Personally I used SendGrid which allows up to 12000 email sends per month for free.

by Keshav Pareek
Here we'll show you how to create a SPF record for your domain with Google Apps.
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