Send only email with postfix

March 26, 2014 1.7k views
Hello all, I have read through the tutorials on this and I have it almost working I think. However "always a caveat 8^)" Mail goes out and I receive it ok. But I have to specify the email server box when sending email e.g. send mail to raw :- mail works mail does not. (bounces). I guess I should be happy it works at all 8^). I have my droplet entered under my own domain which I own. My mailserver appears to be setup right as far as mx records are concerned. I have no doubt it's my postfix settings on the droplet. Not a big deal but curious. Guess I need to buy the Oreilly postfix book. To be clear, works from everywhere else. I assume it's my error , it usually is. Thanks for looking.
1 Answer
Can you post the exact bounce back message which you are getting ?
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