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October 23, 2017 3.8k views
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I am trying to set up wordpress to send emails from my domain but I am having issues. The domain is set up on a wordpress database on a recently created droplet. My email host is zoho.

I have configured the mx records in networking correctly to allow zoho to send and receive email. It works great.

However, I can’t send emails from wordpress. I am using divi contact module and emails are not sending. I have installed Easy WP SMTP plugin as a solution. I have inputted the correct host settings. However, when i try to send a test email I get the following error:

SMTP ERROR: Failed to connect to server: Connection timed out (110)SMTP connect() failed.

The SMTP configuration settings I am using are as follows:

SMTP Host:
Type of Encryption: SSL
SMTP Port: 465

Has anyone experienced the same issue and found a solution?



2 Answers

There can be a couple of things.
Check PHPmailer config. Can you show your PHP mailer config ( remove sensitive data) ?
Can you checked telnet connection to your zoho server?

Hi Emils,

Thanks for the response.

As it turns out I had everything configured correctly. But because my digital
Ocean account was quite recent I had to contact support to request that they lift an SMTP restriction. As soon as it was lifted my Wordpress site could send outgoing mail.



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