I’m now on a shared hosting, wordpress/woocomerce, so i need daily mail for customers and to my website to work, and now i want to migrate to a droplet, Cyberpanel/litespeed, and i read in the web, that i won’t be able to send or receive mail if i'a with digital ocean, is it true ?

and how to fix it ?

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yes , DO by default block port 25 which is used to send mail out

you need a 3rd party plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/easy-wp-smtp/ to use your external SMTP to send mail out.

  • Thank you for your answer, I did further search on Do community and I read somewhere that port 25 may be closed for new accounts, and that after 60 day, we can request removing the restriction, is this statement true, or the port is blocked now definitely?

    • that’s something you should consult with DO support , I heard they can unblock port 25 on certain condition , but don’t know details about it though.

Hello all,

It is possible that port 25 is closed for new accounts. This is something we have been doing to reduce spam on our network. Please do not think that we are accusing you of sending spam, it is more that we simply cannot accurately determine who is going to send it.

Stopping spam is a constant fight, so we have implemented some restrictions on newer accounts.

As Bobby mentioned you can still send out emails over port 587 or 465 both of which are secure SMTP ports.

Also using a third party like Sendgrid to send your emails or using a plugin like Easy-SMTP with Gmail is also a good alternative.


Hi there,

In addition to what @qtwrk already mentioned. You can still send out emails over port 587 or 465 both of which are secure SMTP ports.

You could use an SMTP service like SendGrid. They have a free plan and you could use it along with the plugin that @qtwrk mentioned.

Regarding receiving emails, emails are not received via port 25. Port 25 is only for outgoing emails over non-secure SMTP.