Sending newsletters through Digital Ocean

April 8, 2016 1.8k views


I have seen all the questions about the possibilities of sending newsletters through Digital Ocean. Planing to move my job board to Digital Ocean I have a newsletter list of about 20.000 subscribers. I currently send my newsletters and job alerts through Mandrill.

My current stats are 99,1% delivery rate, 0,9% bounce rate and 0,03% Spam Rate (no idea why subscribers sometimes mark me as spam :( ). With these stats am I safe to comply with the rules from Digital Ocean for sending mail? Or should I better stay with Mandrill?

Thanks for your feedback

2 Answers

99.1% delivered is not bad! I would stay with Mandrill, it’s quite hard to get for your mailserver a reputation thats better then Mandrill

Yeah but the problem is that Mandrill changes its business model at the end of the month and I would have to send all my newsletter through mailchimp. At 100x the costs :(. But yes I would need to build up a new IP reputation which might be by far harder....

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