Sendmail on Ubuntu sending multiple blank emails without me triggering them

December 6, 2017 112 views

My goal was to create a simple text--> email mechaism using twilio. I installed a LEMP stack including sendmail onto an Ubuntu server.

I got the thing working--I can text my twilio number and get it in my inbox!--but, unfortunately, I also get tons of blank emails from my own site (it has no content--literally used just for the purposes of this text to email configuration).

These emails aren't being triggered via twilio, per my twilio dashboard, so I assume there's something weird happening with sendmail.

Any ideas what could be triggering these emails to fire out of the blue? I have like zero security--could that be it? What should I install to fix it?

1 Answer

Probably a cronjob is doing it. Post the full body of such a mail (including headers).

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