Separate Email Server (On Vesta CP)

October 18, 2014 10k views

Hi guys,

Little help here :)
We've just sorted out our server with and configured multiple domains there. Now we need to setup mail server and we're a bit puzzled with the records.

We've created another droplet running Ubuntu 12 with VestaCP on it, as we had experience with it. The problem is connecting the domain to a different server where the mail server is. What are the MX records we should set, and is there anything else we should know about it?


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You can definitely point set up a domain name's email on a different server than the website itself. To do that, create an A record that points to the mail server and an MX record that points to the A record:

screenshot #1

screenshot #2

Make sure you replace "mail server's IP address" with your VestaCP droplet's IP address.

I can suggest Mail-in-a-Box for a dedicated email server, works very well and easy to setup.

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