Separate user for billing

August 25, 2014 2.6k views

I’ve set up a droplet for a client, and I’d like him to be directly responsible for billing, while I remain the admin. There doesn’t seem to be any way in the DO control panel of adding extra user who can log in and administer the billing for the account. Am I missing something, or is this indeed not possible? Is the only choice to give him my DO login details so he can add his card to my account?

(Similarly, I can envisage a situation where I might want to allow a colleague access to the emergency console, eg to reboot a non-responsibe server - again, do I need to give them my login?)

1 Answer

Unfortunately, this is not possible right now. One work around that can be used now is to have the client create their own account, and you can manage the client’s droplets through the API. They can generate an API token specifically for you. That way, they can revoke the token if they want to remove your access.

We do plan to add team accounts at some point in the future. You can add your “vote” to the request on our UserVoice page and subscribe to track progress.

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