I am trying to access files uploaded to my Spaces bucket. They are private and associated with my users account. I authenticate on my server and was hoping to redirect to a URL where they can see the file.

I have this working with a pre-signed getObject URL. However, I would really prefer to gain the benefits of serving my files from the CDN. Here is what I am doing successfully now:

  accessKeyId: KEY,                                                    
  secretAccessKey: SECRET,                                             
  region: 'nyc3',                                                      
  signatureVersion: 'v4',                                              

const options = {                                                      
  signatureVersion: 'v4',                                              
  region: 'nyc3',                                                      
  endpoint: new AWS.Endpoint('nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com'),

const client = new AWS.S3(options);                                    

const url = client.getSignedUrl('getObject', {                         
  Bucket: 'myBucket',                                                
  Key: 'theObjectKey',                                                    
  Expires: 5 * 60, // 5 minutes                                        


This provides me with a URL like:


This works well.

Is there any possible way to do this, but using my Spaces CDN? It appears that AWS’ Cloudfront has a completely different lib for signing CF objects (seen here: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/developer/creating-amazon-cloudfront-signed-urls-in-node-js/).

Any help is much appreciated. Happy to answer any questions.

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Assuming that you have already enabled your CDN, have you tried using the same URL that getSignedUrl returns, but with the domain changed to point to the CDN?

E.g., instead of:



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