Server died coz CPU & memory were used unsually high???

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Hi everyone,

My droplet used memory and CPU unsually high at some points and led to stop the server.
Then I stoped some mail and unnecessary services. But the same issue happened again.

My freelance admin said that the IP might be used by bittoren before as some info in log file. So I change droplet to a new IP. Is there any other issue? and how to completely solve this problem?

Sys info: CentOS 32 1Gb, wordpress, virtualmin.

Thank you,

  • Your freelance admin seems to be pointing to a network problem, but you mentioned a CPU and memory usage surge. Does your admin use a linux monitoring tool to actively capture system and network performance? If so, then then analyzing the captured data may point to where you should concentrate your efforts. For example, your MySQL database may be hogging resources and causing your system to thrash due to swapping.

  • I just though my admin mentioned the same issue as bittoren used lots of CPU and memory.
    I will check system and network performance and mySQL as well.

    thank you,

  • What do you run on your droplet? php, apache, mysql, etc.. If you have a problem with traffic you can use iptables to block all access to not used ports, but it sounds more like high traffic from an existing service ie webtraffic, maybe mysql but again you need to be sure, do “top” and check which service is eating up your processor, then let us know so maybe we can really help you.

  • @EpicCDN im using apache, mysql and wp. traffic is not that high and i didnt have this issue before moving from shared host to DO. will try iptables thanks

  • finally i changed the droplet’s ip to a new ip, then things go fine.

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finally i changed the droplet’s ip to a new ip, then things go fine.

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