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February 23, 2016 3.2k views
Server Optimization

I have a video of 300MB and regional in Hong Kong; it will be downloaded and can be play to see in real-time by 300 people concurrently. Is the plan (4GBram, 2Cores, 4TB transfer) of $40/mo which has enough bandwidth for smooth video streaming?

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All droplets share the same networking capabilities regardless of their size. The only difference is that a smaller droplet is more likely to have more neighbors on the same physical hypervisor. Our newer data centers have 40Gb networking to the droplet and should be capable of up to 1Gbps and should not have a problem doing a consistent 300mbps.

The factor I can not take into account is the bitrate of the 300MB video file you’ll be sharing but I do not think it will pose a problem.

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