Server not accept my password

August 18, 2018 616 views
Deployment Ubuntu 16.04

Every time I create drops in the DO, after a while the server does not accept my password. And from time to time I have to reset it. But that's not all - after a while, the server at all stops responding to me from a local computer, and I have to delete the droplet and create a new one.

And this repeats again and again.

What is wrong?

  • Are you using one of those "123456"(easy to guess) passwords?

  • Some similar... can this be the cause?

  • Yup, someone is getting access to your droplet and changing your password(amongst other nefarious things). I suggest using a password generator(random 20ish characters) either private keys(better option). Example of a good(ish) password: &DHFm%3pSCHxnZ49

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