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August 24, 2019 147 views
Server Optimization Ubuntu 18.04

Since a few days my server response is very slow, when i access my web app from browser but also when i use command line there is lag and delay to write commands. What could be the problem ?

I tried upgrade from a 1G / 1CPU to 4G / 2CPU hoping it would solve it but its same. basically i run 3 instances of a nodejs webapp, use pm2 and nginx, nothing special, 26G free disk space.

  • I also often get this error in Chrome console, don’t know if related of just because of the long delay: net::ERRSPDYPING_FAILED 200

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2 Answers

If the performance is the same after upgrading it might be your internet connection or one of the internet routes you travel on from your workstation to the DigitalOcean datacenter where your droplet is located.

I would do a few things now:

1) Check the graphs for your droplet - is there anything out of the ordinary in terms of Network or CPU consumption? If the graphs are all low then it’s probably not the droplet.

2) The net::ERRSPDYPING_FAILED 200 might be related, it looks like an older feature of Chrome browser. Have you tried restarting / updating chrome lately? If you google that error there are a few recent posts on the net that describe some different troubleshooting steps if updating doesn’t help.

3) If that doesn’t seem to help, some other suggestions involved flushing the local DNS cache on your computer.

4) Ask co-workers or friends to check your site and see if it is also slow to them - or try yourself from a different device and internet connection.

Good luck and let us know how it is going… feel free to ask more questions as you run into them.

Hello, Thanks a lot for the answer.

My Chrome version is the last and i have same behavior with Firefox.

Here the graph related to my droplet:

Just tried ipconfig /flushdns but didn’t change anything

I’ll keep searching then, any other idea welcome :)

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