Server security standard checklist

September 10, 2014 3.9k views

Anyone know about “Server Security Standard So please let me know

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What operating system and services are you running? Is this a web server? We will need a bit more information before we can suggest some security tips.

Depending on OS, DO tutorial section has a getting started guide.. I followed the same for my VPS..

Then I followed the guides available on the software and services that I installed to further secure those.. Like MySQL / HTTPD and such..

I dont think there is any universal guide..

Operating system running on server :- Windows 2012
Here following list of service will be running.
File and storage services
Apache tomcat
MySQL server
MSSQL Server 2012
URL rewrite module
Windows server backup
VisualSVN server

I suggest take a look at CIS Benchmarks
You will find detailed instructions on how to harden different operating systems and webservers like Apache as a matter of fact you can use the same benchmarks to build your puppet modules just for security.

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