server speed slower by comparsion

Posted August 11, 2014 4k views

I am having a problem with an 8 GB ram and four CPU droplet with 62bit.

I am comparing the droplet to a server that is on also with four cpu but 16 GB ram and it is NOT SSD,

The load time on the same pages consistently are about 3 times faster on the godaddy server as on digitalocean.

I certainly like using digitalocean better, so I know there must be something I am doing that is causing this scenario.

Both the godaddy and droplet servers are using http compression.

Both the godaddy and droplet servers have he exact same files.

I tested the very same domain name on both the godaddy and droplet servers.

Both the godaddy and droplet servers are accessing the same MYSQL database on a third server.

Any ideas as to what would be making the dropet slower than the godaddy server?

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Both the godaddy and droplet servers are accessing the same MYSQL database on a third server.

How far is the database server from the droplet and the server at godaddy? Latency is very important in cases like this.

Try pinging the database server from both servers:

ping database-server-ip

The latency between the server and your local computer also matters, if your godaddy server is closer to you than your droplet, there might be a small increase in performance.

Thanks for the pointer. I did ping the mysql server and it was slower than the godaddy from the droplets on NYC2, but when I did a test from SF1 it was about the very same.

So I created a 2GB ram and 2 CPU droplet on SF1 and now the load time of the website is meeting and even slightly beating the 16GB and 4 CPU NON SSD godaddy server.

Now I am going to compare to a Xeon SSD server I have on namecheap.

Thank you again for the help.