Serving lots of small photos (50kb or smaller). Should I use Spaces?

November 3, 2018 537 views
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I have a real estate app and I need to build a storage system for listing photos.

These listing photos will be relatively small. Either full-size (50-70 kb) or thumbnails (10-25 kb).

I’m a big fan of DigitalOcean and I would like to use Spaces. However my research is telling me that Spaces is not equipped to deal with a situation like mine?

Reading the docs, it seems that Spaces should be used for file sizes between 20MB - 200MB, not the 50kb photos I will be serving.

Reading this post, some users are noticing 20 second GET times for small files? That will be very bad for user experience if users had to wait 20 seconds to get a small photo.

Does my situation mean I should not use Spaces, or I should not use object storage in general?

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