Set a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) hostname on your server

April 19, 2014 5.9k views
I was reading on installation instructions for iredmail and it says you need FQDN name in etc/hostname and etc/hosts. Curently I in hostname I have have veepme In in hosts I have localhost veepme what should I change veepme to or should I leave veepme and add a FQDN to the two files.
2 Answers
You need a name that uniquely identifies your location in the DNS tree. In order for it to work for its intended purpose (e-mail, in your case), it needs to be a name that has a DNS record. I'm pretty sure you're missing at least a top level domain (com, org, net, etc.).
I have a .us and am running running it on on the droplet as a web server and it works. but is not so what goes in hostname and hosts?

I am guessing

hosts file gets veepme
hostname gets veepme

I am going by this install instruction.
Possibly nothing needs to be changed or added to hosts or hostname because my DNS record takes care of it?
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