set up 2 part authentication can't login.

August 1, 2017 2.3k views
Apache Arch Linux

I'm just missing the steps. The G Authenticator is set up on your system but I don't know how to integrate it.

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What steps are you missing? Login as usual and then enter the code from your app.

I ssh with my ip, I'm asked for a password... do I feed it the digits from the G authenticator?

  • @apprei9

    SSH doesn't do 2FA by default, so you need to login with the password you've received via email, when you created the droplet.

that's what I've tried about 20 times... it just sits there, not even a time out.

  • @apprei9

    When logging into SSH, it will ask you to input the username and the password. The password will not show any characters being input as a security precaution.
    And the first login will then ask for the current password again, and ask you to create a new password (and re-enter that password again).

yup, got that but that is not what is happening. It takes the ip and asks for the password then nothing.

it's working now... thanks for the help.

2 more?'s. Now that I'm in, (I'm pretty sure it was a timeout issue) why is it asking me for a new UNIX pw? and how is it the G authenticator comes into play for 2PWA?

  • @apprei9

    Like I wrote before. That's the process of the first login. It's asking you create a new password, since the first-login password was sent via un-encrypted email, so it's not considered safe.
    Again, SSH doesn't support 2FA unless you add different modules. Your Authenticator is for your DigitalOcean account, not the droplets.

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