Set up mail-in-a-box for existing website

May 5, 2018 2.5k views
DNS Email

There is this tutorial:

It’s a very good tutorial, I managed to make my web mail running.
But, I had to change the nameservers on my registrar to the glue records:


From the original digital ocean name servers:


Now in the tutorial there is a quote about this situtation:
“If you do have an active website at your domain, make sure to set up the appropriate additional DNS records on your Mail-in-a-Box server. Otherwise, your domain won’t resolve to your website. You can copy your existing DNS records to make sure everything works the same.”

But what exactly do I do? I need to get more accurate instructions because the original website is not working now.


1 Answer

The “appropriate additional DNS records” that are needed for a web site are:

  • The main domain’s A record @ IN A [Web Server IP Address]
  • The “www” CNAME www CNAME @ which ensures that requests for are pointed to the same place as
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