Set up Tikiwiki on Digital Ocean

April 7, 2017 2.3k views
Ubuntu 16.04 Applications

I have been trying to install tikiwiki on a digitalocean droplet, yet I fail to get past the placeholder that displays once I logged in via SSH.

I followed the instructions in the 4 year old tutorial, and the advise of the support, both to no avail.

Furthermore, for the heck of it, I tried to run a wordpress droplet. Here the same thing happens, the only thing I manage to bring up is the shark placeholder screen.

If anyone can set up a tikiwiki on a droplet and walk me through it, would be greatly appreciated.

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Do not contact support about this, your droplet is unmanaged. What “placeholder” are you referring to?

  • Well, Support told me that it is unmanaged. Fortunately I found this part of digitalocean now where I can also ask questions. Part of the learning curve.

    With placeholder I mean what you see when you visit at the moment.

    • Why isn’t pointing to your DigitalOcean IP? And which webserver did you install?

      • It is pointing to this IP.

        And this is a Ubuntu 16.04 LAMP Droplet.

        • It’s not pointing to that IP, it’s pointing to Did you SSH in yet?

          • Yes I log in via SSH to execute commands from tutorials and instructions.

            You can also check the IP I have provided, what results there is relevant.

            I have set the forwarding to the IP mentioned above.

            At any rate, my problem is that so far I havent been able to see anything but the placeholder screen, whether I follow instructions to install tikiwiki, or whether I try to One-click-install Wordpress.

            So what I am kindly asking for, again, is a recent tutorial to make an Tikiwiki Install on Digitalocean.

          • I sincerely doubt it’s the LAMP droplet because there’s no webserver running.

          • Again, it is irrelevant where the domain is pointing to. I have given you the IP of the droplet. All the droplet shows when I browse to it is the placeholder.


            *** System restart required ***

            Thank you for using DigitalOcean’s LAMP Application.

            LAMP has now been enabled. You can access your LAMP instance at:
            Your web root is located at /var/www/html and can be seen from

            The details of your PHP installation can be seen at

            And browsing to yields

            Unable to connect

            Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

            So this is my problem. I either get unable to connect or the placeholder from my droplet.

            (And please, refrain from telling me yet again where the domain is probably pointing to. The issue is a different one.)

          • The LAMP droplet by default has a running webserver, you should start over.

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