Setting up a GoDaddy domain name with Heroku

December 21, 2018 520 views

I’m new to using Heroku so I’m a bit confused because I initially had my website hosted on GoDaddy, but when I added node to my web app I switched to Heroku.

So what is happening is when I visit my website using www. it goes to the correct, updated site, however, when I try the naked route it takes it to the older version of the website. I figured since it’s still showing the older site with the naked route that there was a problem on GoDaddy, therefore, I updated one page on GoDaddy and sure enough, the page is updated via the naked route now.

That leads to my first question. If my website is now on Heroku, does it still need to be hosted on GoDaddy as well? Additionally, if the first question is yes, then how do I set up the naked route to point to the same site as the www. route?

I’ve already have the host as www with the ‘points to’ pointing to the Heroku domain name but still getting the problem above. This is why I believe the problem lies with the hosting on GoDaddy.

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