Setting up CNAME and SRV of GoDaddy's business email

September 18, 2018 983 views
Email Ubuntu 16.04

I am trying to set up CNAME and SRV for my droplet.

In the "Create new record" under CNAME, there is hostname and is an alias of. While GoDaddy says Name (imap and smtpout) and Target (some url)

For SRV record, there is a hostname and will redirect to while GoDaddy has following details:
Port = 443
Protocol = _tcp
Name = @
Service = _autodiscover
Priority = 0
Weight = 0
Target =
Can anyone please help me which parameters would be entered where?

2 Answers

Hey friend!

I can help with this. I'm going to map them for you, left side being us and right side being GoDaddy.

Hostname = Name
Is an alias of = Target

Hostname = Service + "." + Protocol (ex. _autodiscover._tcp)
Will direct to = Target
Priority = Priority
Weight = Weight

Hope that helps :)


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