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Now i have to admit i'm not the best guy at domains and shit like that but i'm REALLY confused. i have onlydomains domain (artsenpai.com) and i just pointed them to digitalocean nameservers.. and they don't work at all (apache not loading just plain redirecting to onlydomains). i have talked to onlydomains support and they tell me THIS (admin i talked to):
1) you've delegated fine but you are submitting an inordinate amount of delegatoins; you need to stop resubmitting the delegation, it's alreadyd one; 2) your main issue is the digitalocean name servers aren't responding for your domain, that's something you need to address with digitalocean

Querying a.root-servers.net ( delegated
Querying e.gtld-servers.net ( delegated
Querying ns2.digitalocean.com ( refused
Querying ns1.digitalocean.com ( refused
Unable to find: artsenpai.com

and then they tell me i need to address this to.. digitalocean i guess? i'm really confused. i need help

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This guide may be helpful in setting up your domain with the DigitalOcean DNS services.

I think I was able to track down the problem. Querying our servers for www.artsenpai.com gives me a result

> www.artsenpai.com
Server:     ns1.digitalocean.com

Name:   www.artsenpai.com

But querying for artsenpai.com does not.

> artsenpai.com
Server:     ns1.digitalocean.com

** server can't find artsenpai.com: REFUSED

This would lead me to believe that you created a zone in the DigitalOcean DNS services for the subdomain www.artsenpai.com instead of the domain itself (artsenpai.com). Deleting the current zone and re-creating it for your domain itself should resolve the problem.

This article explains how to manage your DNS records using the DigitalOcean Control Panel and can help you decide if DigitalOcean's DNS management tools are right for your situation.
  • Thanks for replying is this a correct setup? image of my setup i assume i must wait? because artsenpai.com still doesn't show anything. tell me what i should add or what i should change/remove

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