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August 30, 2016 1.2k views
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Hi dear DigitalOcean community,

I've recently moved to DigitalOcean, and I love it!

Everything's working fine, but the only thing that gives me trouble - is e-mails.

I have set-up Plesk admin panel, and set-up everything but I cannot finish with the e-mails. I don't understand what I need to type in MX records to connect it from my domain providers(Godaddy, dreamhost and my native country's one) Is there anyone here who can help me understand what exactly I need to set-up to get the e-mails working? Currently I have DNS records like this


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Martin, In general, Plesk recommends that you use your plesk server itself as your DNS server. This would mean registering at least two nameserver addresses with your domain registrar that point to your droplet's IP address and setting your domain to use those. The records you create within plesk would then be the authoritative and the proper mail records would be configured automatically.

I did some searching through the Plesk documentation and while running an external DNS server is recommended the documentation does not seem to include the recommended defaults to use. As Plesk is a paid product I would recommend reaching out to their support team for the best practices but in general you will need the following records:

an A record for "mail", and "smtp"
an MX record which points mail for your domain to your mail.yourdomain address
A TXT SPF record for your domain.

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