setting up FilezillaPro

March 6, 2019 789 views

I am trying to set up Filezilla Pro.
I successfully connect with key and secret key.
But the directory is empty.

I came along 2 setting which might be the issue??
How to figure out my “Space URL” and “Bucket Name” ?
Is this important for the files being listed?

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Hey friend,

Thank you for posting this question here. It looks like @josuegomes found the answer, but I wanted to re-post it as an answer so that you could mark it as resolved. This appears to provide the steps necessary to resolve the problem:


by Josue Andrade Gomes
FileZilla Pro is a file transfer solution that works with FTP, SFTP, FTPS, and WebDAV protocols. In 2001, the original FileZilla project brought an open-source, cross-platform file access and transfer application to users. Today, FileZilla Pro...
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