Setting Up Floating IP For CPANEL NS1 & NS2

August 29, 2019 66 views

Hi, I’m trying to setup Cpanel on Digital Ocean. Currently, I’ve used one of the marketplace app to setup Cpanel. what’ I’ve done so far is:

  1. assigned a licensed CPANEL & WHM account to the IP
  2. *QUESTION: *Purchased 1 floating IP as directed (don’t I need two floating IPs for NS1 & NS2 ?

  3. QUESTION: How do I then point the domain name the server and get everything moving?

1 Answer

Hello @Gaventure,

You can use the same floating IP address for both NS1 and NS2. A knowledge base article on how to setup name servers when using cPanel & WHM (including information on how to point the domain to the server from the domain registrar) is available on the link below:

I’m here to help if you encounter any difficulties with the name server setup, or if you have any questions at all about cPanel & WHM.


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