Setting up Jupyter Hub HTTPS access with just an IP address (certificate issues)

February 18, 2019 426 views
Python Security DNS Ubuntu 18.04

I'm trying to setup JupyterHub on Ubuntu 18.04. I'd like to access my Jupyter Notebook through HTTPS rather than SSH tunneling so I can access it from my iPad or a public computer.

I'm moving through the process, but I'm stuck on certificates.

I'm trying to create a Let's Encrypt certificate using EFF's cerbot. Certbot, however, requires a domain name. I just have an IP address.

Is there a way around this limitation? I have a website. Could I somehow use one of my subdomains? Could I re-direct?

I'm new to this process. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.



2 Answers

Hey friend,

This will not be possible. I would recommend purchasing a cheap domain to use for your project. You can grab a .pw domain for $1.99, for example:


Thanks Jarland for your feedback.

I was chatting with my host provider this morning and I should be able to associate one of my subdomains with my DigitalOcean IP by adding an new "A Record" under my "DNS Zone Editor" (CPanel configuration). This isn't a re-direct. It's a DNS association.

If this works, this should allow me to use my existing assets without having to buy a new domain. I'll see if this works and reply to this message if it does.

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