Setting up one "droplet" per client

September 6, 2017 1.3k views
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Hi Community,

I was just wondering if the following is possible with DigitalOcean:

  • I need to register programmaticaly one 5$ box from DigitalOcean for each of my clients
  • I need to purchase a domain programmaticaly
  • I need to install languages programmaticaly (i.e. between: php, java, .net, …)
  • I need to install apps programmaticaly (i.e. between: drupal, magento, wordpress, …)
  • I need to install search engine programmaticaly (i.e. elastic search, solr, hadoop, …)

So if I can do all this via the API,

How do I know how much costs a domain, how much does all my boxes (or droplets?) cost so I can bill my clients accordingly?

Looking forward to working with DO,


1 Answer

Well I’d suggest using namecheap and use their api to register domains.
Namecheap API:

  • Thanks for the response, so that’ll take care of domain purchases, now what about spinning a VM with DO, I see how I can create a droplet, but programmatically determine billing, the response doesn’t have a cost…?

    • It’s more of you having to record your clients in a database and you said there’s one droplet per client so just make a new entry for every client and has an automatic value of $5 + any tax your country requires.

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