Setting up PHP Cron which is using SOAP WSDL and returns a PDF file

December 3, 2017 1k views

I want to set up PHP Cron file which is using SOAP WSDL and it returns a PDF file after executing the SOAP WSDL. could anyone guide me how to do it properly i am using

  • * * * * php -q /home/path to file/auto.php

but this is not responding

when I use the direct url its working properly.

Thanks alot in advance.

1 Answer

We’ll need a bit more info in order to figure out what’s wrong. I’d recommend starting by logging the script’s output to a file, and then waiting a minute until the cronjob runs and seeing what it outputs.

* * * * php /home/path to file/auto.php >>/home/path/logfile.txt 2>&1
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