Settings to use Webmin's Bind DNS records rather than DO networking records

February 20, 2018 1.5k views
DNS Networking

I have Webmin/Virtualmin setup and the Bind DNS server running. However the DO networking records are being picked up rather than the zone records in Bind DNS.

How can I get the Webmin Bind DNS records recognized in place of the DO records?

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  • I have my domain registered with Godaddy and the nameservers set to

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First, you will need to create glue records that point to your Droplet’s IP address. Browse to your domain name on GoDaddy’s website and create glue records for and, both pointing to your Droplet. Consider setting up a second Droplet for DNS backup as using only one name server is not reliable.

Then, configure your domain name’s name servers to the ones that you’ve created. If everything is configured properly, your domain should now be using your Webmin DNS config in place of DigitalOcean’s.

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