Setup a (safe) central DNS server with BIND9 forwarders

April 19, 2016 1.6k views

I’m trying to setup a new external DNS/Nameserver that queries multiple DirectAdmin servers. I’ve used BIND9 with forwarders to set this up and it works fine (with recursion enabled). The forwarders are only IP’s of servers where i host my websites on (no Google DNS or something). And when i check it says that it isn’t vulnerable to DNS Amplification attacks.

I would like to know if this setup is safe enough to use in production or is it still vulnerable to DNS Amplification attacks or other attacks?

Looking forward hearing from the specialists over here!

(it’s now on a local box but i will move it to DO when it’s safe/ready)


1 Answer


As long as your DNS server responds only to domains that you host, you should be fine. It’s basically the same as using DirectAdmin’s authoritative DNS servers directly, except with a proxy in the middle. That should be safe enough, as long as you:

  1. Only allow it to forward requests to your own authoritative DNS servers
  2. Disable recursion on the said DNS servers.
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