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June 20, 2015 7.2k views
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I have looked at these options and curious of peoples experience or which one would be a better option for a beginner

  • I found server pilot to be really easy to use when I moved over a bunch of wordpress sites from shared hosting. Haven't tried easy engine yet.

  • I also have server pilot and was looking to see if there is anything better. Noticed a few post about easy engine but have not attempted to put a test droplet yet

  • let me know if either of you tried ee, i am very interested to know the performance difference,stability and capability

  • I started to use easy engine and i like how simply they make it setup advance sever settings

2 Answers

I use easyengine, its so extremely easy and quick to set up a crazy fast wordpress stack. For a Beginner easyengine isn't the hard part, its working in Ubuntu comand line.
If your familiar to this, then easyengine is a walk in the park.
Two lines of execution and then you have a kick ass stack.

Quick guide to best setup

In a fresh Ubuntu install, make sure your super user.

sudo su


wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

This installs easyengine, after this its time to install the webserver and your wordpress.

This is what i find to be the best setup (you can choose from many different.)
It sets up a blazing fast webserver with Basicly the same stuff as wp engine use.

And it installs a free SSL, (You get a https:// site. This is a must have for a serious web site today.)

sudo ee site create --wpfc --hhvm --letsencrypt --user=admin --pass= password

Just change domain name, choose a user name, password and email, answer y (yes) to any question, write your name and email upon request.

When this is done, pointed your domain name to the server ip and Thats it.

Now you can run a normal wordpress site that needs minimal server spec and is still blazing fast.
1 cpu and 2gb ram is more than enough.

Below 1 sek loading time for $5 per month is not bad.

Good luck, drop a line if you have any questions.


How easyengine works with system security updates?
ServerPilot keeps the core system up to date with automatic updates =)
Firewall and more!

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