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October 8, 2019 110 views
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I was thinking about a project which is related to cryptocurrency or bitcoin, i sow bcoin application deployment in the digitalocean market, i was wondering what is for this app, in the same time i was thinking it might be the idea which i was thinking about it which it is let me ask the next question (is it possible to set a server or droplet for bitcoin or crypto mining) i’m not sure if i asked the correct question. i hop to get the awnser which i was looking for.


1 Answer

By looking at the marketplace it seems to be related more to creating your own cryptocurrency rather than mining Bitcoin.

As for using the droplet to mine I would not recommend it as you will not be sustainable and you will end up paying more than you can mine.

  • thank you for advice, i thought i can rent this space, memory, processor for mining with limited plans.

    i will take your advice maybe, also i would ask what do you can recommend for me cypto mining server if you are experienced with this subject or matter.

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