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i need help, i just need to enable Load Balancer with my 3 Droplets, after the droplets created and add the droplets to Load Balancer it always appear Offline and never online.
i have spend 2 days looking for this solutions and have done delete and recreate Load balancer and droplets for a few times.

For my 3 droplets i just have this configuration

  • with OS Ubuntu 20.04
  • Region NYC1
  • Have VPC with default-nyc1 with PrivateIP & Public IP
  • Have SSH Key with Passcode
  • Assign Tag “Backend”

For Load Balancer Configuration

  • Region NYC1
  • Have VPC with default-nyc1
  • Add Droplets with Tag “Backend”
  • Forwarding Rules Load Balancer HTTP Port 80 To Droplet HTTP Port 80
  • leave the advanced settings unchanged.

i try to install easyengine with wordpress (without SSL) to the droplets and try to browse to IP droplets directly it works.
but when i amend the A host point to IP Load Balancer then it fail to work.

i also check if in my browser i keyin my IP Load Balancer it has error message
503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request

please help

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2 answers

Hi there @agus.halim,

I tried replicating your setup at my end and a quick fix would be to change the Health check from HTTP to TCP. That way your load balancer would check if your Droplets accept connections on port 80 and if so it would consider them as healthy.

Hope that this helps!

Hi Bobbyiliev,

i had try change the port forwarding rule from HTTP to TCP port 80. no luck. still offline.
and if i type my domain which already point to Load balancer IP Address it also cannot load anything. but if i change the A record from Load balancer to my ip server directly it working perfectly.
i also tried to downgrade my OS from OS Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 and results still the same.

Any ideas what could make this wrong?

appreciate & thanks

  • Hi there @agus.halim,

    Can you please make a screenshot of your Loadbalancer configuration? Make sure to hide any sensitive information.

    On another note, if you visit your Droplet’s IP address directly, what is the result that you get?