SFTP Question: Grant a SFTP User Manage multiple folder

September 4, 2019 76 views
Linux Basics CentOS

Hi All,

I’m setting up an SFTP Server with CentOS 7. I created 4 Users SFTP only. Call them are A,B,C,D.
I followed this guide to install:

Problem here : If follow exactly this guide, each user can only access their folder. I want User D can access and manage files in folder users A,B,C .
How do I configure that?
Pls kindly help me this case. Thank you all very much!

1 Answer

hi @tuanbeo0378,

You’ll need to add user D to the groups of users A,B and C.

You can do that by checking this article

Kind regards,
Kalin D.

  • Hi Kdimitrov,

    All of them already in Group called sftp_users and after SFTP, each user can only browse their folder.

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