SFTP using Flow SFTP client

September 6, 2016 2.9k views
Configuration Management Ubuntu

I’ve setup an SSH key on my machine and I can SFTP using terminal but I’d like to use Flow’s SFTP software on my Mac for speed. I get “Key exchange failed” when I enter my credentials every time. I am able to choose an SSH key to be used in authenticating the session but no matter which key I use (Found in /Users/user/.ssh/known_hosts, id_rsa.pub) it still won’t work.

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Usually, you get two files when you generate an SSH key. id_rsa and id_rsa.pub. id_rsa is the private key (which you can extract the public key from) and id_rsa.pub, as the name says, is the public key only. Have you tried configuring Flow to use /Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa as the SSH key? If not, does the sftp command still work when you pass the -i /Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa option to it (which forces it to use the specified key)?

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