SFTP working for Filezilla but not for for my Editor called Komodo Edit

June 2, 2017 1.9k views
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I am trying to edit my files directly via a HTML editor called Komodo Edit. It uses a SFTP remote connection to retrieve the files and allow me to save directly.

However, it does not seem to connect and kept prompting me for the password.
Anyone can help on what's wrong?

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  • Are you connecting using the same SSH credentials that you use to connect to your server? Do you use a password or an SSH key?

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Thank you for replying kamain7.

I am using a password. had a password sent to me via email after I created the droplet.
Then I changed my password and use that to login via ftp.
So, with those steps, I am guessing I am NOT using SSH.

damlen396 are you sure that your editor supports SFTP or port 22, i belive it supports only FTP with port 21

  • Thank you for replying ymeriergi. I guess I am sure.
    It has the option to select SFTP and to put in the port number.

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