Shutdown fails to shutdown droplet

December 2, 2013 8.7k views
I can't shutdown my droplet it stays in the active state even after sudo -r shutdown now it still doesn't shutdown
5 Answers
Try pinging your droplet, is it still up? If not, please wait for a few minutes until its status is updated on the hypervisor.
Have you tried:
sudo shutdown -h now
The -r option to shutdown performs a reboot, thus your droplet shuts down but immediately starts again.

The command you want is "sudo shutdown -P now" or "sudo shutdown -h now".

sudo shutdown -h now is that i typed and it said it was going to shutdown. I think i made a mis type.
There's a difference between -h (halt) and -P (power off). You really want to power off your droplet rather halting. For a KVM VPS (droplet) it should have the same behavior but it's possible that something is not configured properly. I recommend you to always use "shutdown -P now" or even simpler: "poweroff".

As per the shutdown manual:

-h Requests that the system be either halted or powered off after
it has been brought down, with the choice as to which left up to
the system.

-P Requests that the system be powered off after it has been
brought down.

Shortcut commands:
shutdown -h now = halt
shutdown -r now = reboot
shutdown -P now = poweroff
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