Since CentOS 8 is released, when we can expect DigitalOcean image for droplets?

September 24, 2019 926 views

CentOS 8 is released today, when we an expect release images for our droplets?

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Hi @armingdev,

This would be a question for Digital Ocean’s Dev team. Unfortunately, this forum is for answering technical questions which we might know the questions.

Anyway, please let us know what the answer of Digital Ocean is regarding this matter as soon as you have one.

Kind regards,

Hello, CentOS 8 and CentOS Stream images have just been released to our locations. Deploy a droplet for CentOS 8 or CentOS Stream now!!!

  • But how exactly do we do that? I’d really like to create Centos 8 droplet in Frankfurt region but there seem to be no option for Centos 8 at that location.

    • Already, but they are only available in NYC1, NYC2, NYC3, LON1, LON2 and LON3.
      Try again in those locations.
      We are working to offer these images in other locations (as in your case, Frankfurt).
      Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • I’ve tried in most locations, including those, not available. This is frustrating, I’m wanting to build some new stuff on it soon.

      • I don’t see those when I try to create a droplet in either NYC or LON

I suggest you create a droplet in the zones where available.

Take an image/snapshot and transfer to the zone of choice.

Create new droplet from that image.

I have not attempted this for CentOS8, but have for CentOS7.

CentOS 8 is not available yet, even CentOS 7.7.
Do you have any update on this?

  • +1 whats going on??

    If I pick any NYC or SF locations, the newest I can pick is Centos 7.6?

    Please provide an ETA for CentOS 8.

    • I opened a support ticket and they said pending CentOS releasing a cloud image for CentOS 8

      • Ty for posting here :) At least now we have some idea..

        And at the rate CentOS move, we’ll probably be waiting another year.

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