Site cannot be reached only from some (Russia) regions

September 24, 2018 1.2k views
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Hi. I deployed my website on digitalocean and everything works fine for me. My Domain is registered on However, today I found out that my website is Unavailable from Russia. I checked from different locations in the US and Europe, but the problem is only with Russia. The browser shows this error
“Site can`t be reached.
-checking the connection
-checking the proxy and the firewall”
My domain provider said that everything is set correctly at their side and only hosting can block some ips. I guess there are some restrictions for Russian ips and they cannot reach my website. Any Ideas how it can be fixed? My domain is

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Hey friend!

What you would want to do in this case is run a traceroute and determine where the connection is being dropped. Whoever is dropping the connection to the IP will be the ones with the capability of resolving it. In this case I suspect it is not us, but if it is I’d love to dig into it further. Here’s some tips on how to run a traceroute:


Hey! I had this exact issue when I was traveling Russia back in early September. I have other servers in AWS and GCE. I was only unable to connect to my DO server.

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