Site does not work when www is prefixed to URL

October 12, 2014 6.8k views

My site has been hosted at digital ocean (CENTOS)/ zpanel. This works fine when URL is typed as However when I type URL as this does not work.

I have checked httpd-vhosts.conf at /etc/zpanel/configs/apache

This shows:-


In the zpanel's DNS Manager, CNAME has been set by me as

Host Name TTL Target
www 86400 IN CNAME

What is wrong? Why is is that my site does not work when URL is prefixed with www?

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  • Got this working at last. Here is what did the trick:-

    Logged in to my droplet at digitalocean
    At the DNS menu of digitalocean, added one more A Record with www and my IP address.

    (Earlier, I had missed this basic configuration, having concentrated on setting up the DNS and CNAME at zpanel)

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I always just use @ instead or the root domain name for the www CNAME record. Try that.

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