Site fails to connect after apache2 reboot

June 19, 2019 248 views
Apache WordPress

After rebooting Apache2 for any reason (including powering down and on), my site becomes inaccessible via the droplet’s IP address, with apache2 showing “The requested URL / was not found on this server”. I don’t currently have a domain set up, but I’m able to access the droplet via the console and ftp.

  • Have you checked that your apache config persisted through the reboot?

  • Yes my config file stays the same. I’m thinking of downloading the site before and after rebooting, and comparing the contents with Winmerge.

1 Answer

You could also check if Apache is enabled to start automatically on boot.

  • I can check. Wouldn’t it indicate it was started if it’s serving the 404 though?

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