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July 12, 2016 2.8k views
DNS Let's Encrypt Node.js Ubuntu

I've set up the @ A name to my ip, and a www cname pointed to @. This all works, and I can use my console to ping the correct domains, but once I use, it stops responding (though works just fine).

Are there any special conditions I have to set up for https?

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  • Sorry I was just using mysite as a placeholder for my actual domain, didn't literally mean ""

    • Okay, are you going to share the actual domain with us so we can troubleshoot?

What kind of web-server are you using? Nginx or Apache? Have you setup your webserver to support SSL/TLS connections? What kind of error do you get when you try to connect? 503 error?

  • I'm using node.js on ubuntu 14.04, my site is if you want to try for yourself. It loads fine without any prefixes, but with any prefix, the request just times out. I have all my A and CNames set up as the guide on here suggests, so could it possibly be an error with my node.js routing itself?

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