Site not showing up everywhere

October 19, 2014 2.4k views

I have a LAMP stack Wordpress multisite install setup using subdomains. It has 3 sites on it, two of which are working fine. I added my third site last night using the same settings as site number 2. All the DNS point to DO servers form my registrar. I have run tests on pingdom and all check fine. The site loads on my iPad fine, but nowhere else. Site is I have see articles on adding sites in the sites available folder, but it is not clear to me how to set that up since I have not had to use that so far.

  • Your website is loading just fine for me: screenshot. Try clearing your browser's cache, is it still not working? Do you get any errors?

  • Thank you for the screenshot. I have probably been messing with it too long. I have been getting page not found errors. I have been clearing my browser cache but continue to get the errors. I can now see it on my iPhone. I am unable to get it to show up on safari and chrome. Think I just have to leave it alone for now. It's confusing that the settings would be the same for all the sites and one just does not want to consistently work.

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