Sites down - Error establishing a database connection and can not login to server with PUTTY

Posted July 24, 2015 4.6k views
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Hello everyone,

All my sites are down since the 20th, with either a blank page, or an “Error establishing a database connection” message. I open a support ticket, and thus far got a very technical answer about “not enough memory”, but no help in solving my problem, the sites being down.

So I some reading, and wanted to reboot the droplet, unfortunately, I can not login to the server using putty (or winscp or bitvise). I setup putty using the instruction I found here, but I get a “network error: connection refused”.

Any help would be appreciated. I am suing windows 8.1

Thanks in advance

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Droplets are unmanaged, you need to fix these issues yourself. Use the console or reboot through the DO panel.

I understand that, but I think and intelligent answer from support should have been power off your droplet, no?

Also, I am a noob but I have read everywhere you should not power down using the DO panel… And if for what ever reason I can not connect using putty, what are the options?

I am quickly discovering the DO is a cheap solution that very quickly becomes more expensive than my previous 220 USD a month vps…

  • Have you tried DO Console? This simulates like directly connecting to your VPS. So even if there is a firewall issue, this connection will not be refused.

    To do so:
    Login to your DO account
    Select your server which you want to access
    See the first option on the left “Access” and in this section, you will see “Console Access”.

    Click on Console Access and you will see a black (PuTTY like screen). Just click on that black screen and start typing. I’m sure you will be able to access your server from here.

    Once inside, just shutdown your droplet(all of them one by one) and then take snapshots!

    Then power-up one of them but again access through DO Console. Then check error logs and find out how and why you were locked out!

    Hope this helps!

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Others can correct me if I am wrong, but if you are unable to connect to your droplets via shell access (PuTTY or otherwise), you don’t have any other choice but to use the DO web console to reboot.