Slow down the server using the owncloud, server takes to respond

September 14, 2016 2k views
DigitalOcean Applications Apache Clustering Ubuntu 16.04

I’m using owncloud, the system is very slow it takes about 15 min to open the index registering an account and release the other time folder. It seems that server’re slow, I’m using 16 gb of ram. I now have 440 clients running the application.

1 Answer

While 440 visitors to a normal website isn’t a lot, 440 people running the ownCloud client against your server could be. I would recommend first checking on your droplet’s resource usage.

Run top and make a note both of the load numbers shown at the top and which processes you might see many instances of. To exit, press Ctrl+c. You can also see how much available memory you have by running free -m to see if that is a potential issue.

If you are not using up your available memory there may be adjustments (like the number of apache instances listening) that can be adjusted to improve performance without upgrading to a larger droplet though that might be necessary.

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