Slow server, mysql crashes

Posted August 24, 2014 4.1k views

I have 2 wordpress sites on a 1G RAM server with zero visitors. I had to take this plan because like many, I had issues with MySQL crashing when no one other than me was on the wordpress sites. They also both of the sites have like 50 posts the most. Tried everything they said on tutorials for how to fixed it, in the end only 1G Ram was the sollution. Not happy with that.

The sites haven’t change for over a month and my main site was about to go live these days and sudenly it take 20sec to load! My code pass on gtmetrix 96% and 98% google gives it also great great ratings. I thought the problem could be with cloudhost dns servers but when I made ping test I got respond from 1ms to 126ms. So is it possible without changes on code and with bigger hosing plan I have suddenly 20sec loading time.

Do you have an idea?

  • could provide mysql log right after it crash?

  • There are a few things to investigate here.

    First you can create a virtualhost with a static site and content as a test file to see how quickly that loads.

    You can also use a domain for it or a subdomain so you can test DNS resolution to see if that’s the culprit.

    If both of those work fine then it’s safe to say that it’s something related to Wordpress and how its running that’s slowing things down, so providing more information on your load avgs, memory consumption, and so forth will help us figure out where the potential problem lies.

  • Also are you running any plugins or custom themes? Sometimes these can be a bit of a resource hog.

  • Hi @moisey

    My server is very slow and I do something followed your suggestion. I create subdomain and only echo phpinfo(), but It is still very slow

    You can see

    Warning from google.pagespeed
    In our test, your server responded in 8.9 seconds. There are many factors that can slow down your server response time

    My Droplet 2CPU, 2GB RAM

    Please help!

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